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Walk up: my coming out story

“Are you gay?” I stared at his beady eyes with my mouth open as he shouted it right to my face and the entire class halted. I quietly denied it again of course

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Ask Our Designer

Wynn Waggoner began her professional creative life in the world of fashion in New York City and later in the Florida Gulf Coast. Her fresh talents of artistic perspective enlarged and reshaped the ideas of what fashion innovation could be. Wynn became a highly sought-after creative artist presenting her theories of fashion design at seminars and fashion shows.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Joel Karsten, garden author and horticulturist, will demonstrate the soil-free fruit and vegetable growing technique of Straw Bale Gardening. This method, created and perfected by Karsten, allows gardeners to grow a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with the advantages of a raised bed garden but without the expense and time commitment.

[ Living ]

Don’t Waste my Time

Dear Brent, I am so sick of all of these websites and smartphone applications that are supposed to help people connect for sex or relationships. I’m tired of wasting my time since I only find people that aren’t looking for real ways to connect. I wasn’t successful before these became popular, and I’m definitely not […]

[ Social ]

Danger: Pot holes ahead

As the haze of new sativa sales’ smoke clears before our Colorado eyes, I see before us two roads, much like the poet Robert Frost. Our Rocky Mountain roads are “grassy and wanting wear” and filled with holes, pot holes. We must adjust to our new life — a life filled with a now-legal substance […]

[ Body & Mind ]

Medical myth-busting: marijuana edition!

With laws being what they are, most of our friendly neighborhood scientists have been running into brick walls of red tape trying to catch a ride on the Pineapple Express for our benefit.

The makeup that wasn’t: the new style is to look like you aren’t wearing any

It seems that we’re in the middle of a makeup revolution. That’s to say, a revolution against makeup. As the bold red lip and smoky eye still have their standing on red carpets, nightclubs, and drag shows, these days the beauty industry has been taking a seemingly odd position, using bare-faced spoke models to promote […]

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