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Twinsies trouble

You’ve invested in matching outfits, share the same bed, and carry them around in self-made puppy Bjorn. Now it’s time to commit, to make the ultimate display of devotion to your furry companion: transforming your grooming routine to achieve corresponding owner-animal looks. From the simple bulldog to the elaborate poodle, below are some grooming techniques […]


Watching him accept that award, my roommates and I became jealous by his effortless ombre hair and, what was even more impressive, his expertly applied eyeliner — a Jared Leto trademark.

Cruelty-free beauty products

As I grew older, I became less fervent in my concern for animals — adhering to the advice of beauty columns and commercials that appealed only to my looks and well-being. I want to think that part of my lapse was naïve, that in this day and age it’s reasonable to think animal testing has been protested out of mainstream practice the same way fur and ivory have — now considered cruel and severely outdated. What type of company would want to align their products with those adjectives?

Growing together

I have a favorite people-watching game to play at restaurants: Observing the romantic couples in the dining room, I try to guess what number of dates each pair is on right now.

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