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Steadfast in faith

It can be difficult to stick with a church that openly discriminates against you, but some people continue to stay and fight for their rights and acceptance.

Seeking out guidance to create a fulfilling life

I had the great honor and pleasure of being a presenter at the Evolve Expo this past weekend. I shared a booth with a good friend and met lots of wonderful people. My talk on Sunday was “Making It Out Alive,” which is primarily about my personal work and the insights and processes I bring […]

Letting love lead the way

Brian Henderson has been an ordained minister with American Baptist Churches, USA, for 13 years. Brian holds a doctoral degree in family-systems theory. Recently, he began as minister of First Baptist Church of Denver, located at 14th and Grant St., where Sunday services are held each week at 10:30 a.m.

Faith & Spirit: How faith and self-care work together

The truth is that faith in who we are and who we came into this life to be is the key component in creating the life you desire. And we can start at the basest level – ourselves. Self-care is the surest way I know to ensure our ability to have faith in our own magnificence. It is in expending the time and effort to create the highest vision of me that I can present to the world, every day, that I develop a sense of faith in myself and my capacity to be, do and have anything and everything I desire.

You are not alone

As we turn to this season of holy days for several faith traditions, it strikes me that inherent in each one is the theme of journey. The faith traditions we share and celebrate with family and friends provide nostalgic memories of stories and scenes from years gone by and allow us to reenact the narratives of faith that have provided hope and meaning to generations of ancestors before us.

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