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When quick fixes just don’t cut it

It all started with the Dinah. I’d been thinking about what I was going to wear to what you might think of as a lesbian spring break. I wasn’t relishing buying new bathing suits, and then I went for my mammogram and the young lady had to push part of my stomach out of the […]

Grown-up party etiquette

These rules are the ones that will keep you out of trouble, and ensure you have fresh breath, look good in the pictures, remain in good standing at your job and stay on everyone’s invite list.

My resolution: listen more

Everyone has the opportunity to live a life filled with rich experiences and conversations. Regardless of where you live, what you do or who you encounter just living your life, there is always the possibility of a life enriching experience.

A spiritual compost pile

I’ve been thinking about what composting really is — taking what is normally considered a waste product, and by tending this pile of waste, creating gold for your garden — a great metaphor for life.

A father’s love

Think that old relationship clichés are only applicable to straight couples? Find out why that isn’t the case for Robyn in this issue’s Lesbian Socialite.

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