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From the Editor: The tao of history – a dark and difficult past makes the future that much brighter

The year’s end closes with a chill that strikes our bones through below-freezing temperatures and snow-dusted building tops, but also a momentous strength to continue pushing forward. As we hunker down for the winter ahead, we become aware of our successes over the past year. It’s certain, now, perhaps more than ever, that everything moves in cycles – and though we have much to be thankful for, our vision keeps us looking ahead. As the celebratory holiday season consumes us, we now have the chance to take a break from the anger and anxiety of political fights, and submit to peace and celebration as we reflect about the past year with gratitude and an enduring sense of inspiration and passion. The year’s end marks a field of milestones as we are filled with a sense of hope and celebration in successes.

From the Editor: More than an election

Though I yearn to re-discover my grassroots activist self – put on the back-burner by Out Front’s decision to focus on multiple perspectives – I know through the conversations we have that we’re still connected to the grassroots. Your grassroots. Democrat or Republican. Religious or nonreligious. Christian or Buddhist. Straight ally or gay. Trans or cisgendered. We are a platform for our whole community.

From the Editor: The struggle against prejudice starts within

Sometimes we think that because we as LGBT folks are a minority group, facing day-to-day factors that require us to face prejudice or “come out” all over again in every new setting, that we don’t carry our own prejudices – internalized homophobia, racism, sexism, or other unfair judgments toward ourselves and others. That we don’t have our own blind spots to social advantages we did not earn. We should know better, right?

Pride is to celebrate who we are today

In our community there’s always focus on the future – winning equal rights, finding our soul mates, improving our relationships with our parents or families, and, this time of year, resolving to bulk up or slim down. But Pride is loving who we are, this moment, this life, this body. So we conceived a fusion of the Pride season – detailed in our Pride Guide insert enclosed here – by complementing it with a topic we’ve been long eager to breach: body image.

From the Editor: LGBT elders encompass a timeless spirit

The body ages, but the spirit is timeless. The only true power an individual has over aging is one’s interpretation of it – whether or not we let it hold us back. And the four seniors in our cover story gave us an inspirational look at what aging means in an LGBT community often said to be obsessed with six-pack abs and body waxing.

From the editor: fashion and the gay aesthetic

Weeks ago in the dressing room line at the new Denver H&M, I overheard an attractive young man shout to his friend who was browsing through the sale racks near the new line of spring women’s shorts. “I don’t wanna lose my place in line. Could you grab me a pair of black or grey […]

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