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The Lebanese Lesbian: Doing time in America

Welcome to the future! Seriously, though, is it 2013? Where’s my levitating house and my robot dog? How long have I been out and proud? Every year is more of a blur that the year before; is that normal? Dang, how old am I going to be this year? I guess it’s time to keep […]

It was the best of times, it was the END of times

For the last five years or so, I’ve been one of those people. Those intense people who corner you at a party and try to explain the details of the forthcoming supposed Mayan prophecy. I’ve been obsessed with it since early 2007, and I remember that then, I took great comfort in the fact that it was four and a half years away – at least I had that buffer. But not anymore – it’s no longer as far away as the stars that define it; it’s upon us in a matter of days.

Exorcising the Scrooge

There are some things we say proudly and others we say only when necessary. This is one of those other things. And while it’s not really necessary now, I’ve made great personal strides in this department as of late – and tis the season, after all.
I’ve never been a Christmas person. (Gasp!)

An election hangover: How I felt the morning after

It’s the day after the election, and I haven’t stopped exhaling. While you’re reading this, I assure you that I am still exhaling. I’ll admit it; I was wound up tight and losing sleep. I read every poll, compared them to the past, to the analysis, to the blogs and to the posts. I know it’s all a grueling system designed to make us nuts, but the truth is, we were all standing at a crossroads of tightropes

Facing fears

My favorite holiday is almost eerily upon us. As an occasion, Halloween just speaks my language – at least it does now. I’m enamored with its form and function: the frights, the freaky fun and the costumes. If you know me, you know that my regular clothes can occasionally border on costume, especially on the weekend. But it’s more than that. I’ve had a hate/hate/love relationship with fear my whole life: controlling it, being devastated by it, embracing it.

Fall is for dreamers

Sept. 21 was the last day of summer. As always, the season was a wild, confident, sexy and fiery girl all up in our faces, but every fire has to cool eventually. And only then can we see what’s left.

Don’t kill your television

Here’s something you might not know about me: I work in the TV biz for one the biggest global Web media companies. I’m not going to guest on Modern Family anytime soon – it’s not like that – but I sure as hell eat, drink, breathe, and sleep TV shows; it’s my job. What I do revolves around articles and videos for hundreds of shows that are on the air, were on the air, will be on the air. So I can tell you that scripted TV is getting GAY – awesome!

Falling into forgiveness

Just today, I was asked my thoughts on the latest happenings in Syria: the kidnappings, the effects on Beirut and Lebanon as a whole, and the effects on me as a Lebanese woman in the States. I wasn’t asked the specifics of what’s going on or for a play-by-play of the last few weeks, but […]

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