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Finding time for laundry

Organizing one’s life — similarly to laundry — in a never ending cycle of entrapment.

Sure, you think, “put a few systems in place and everything will be fine.” You lie to yourself, “I’ll be on task

Tearing down Carr won’t do us any good

When I first heard Michael Carr was being courted by the Republican Party to run against state Sen. Pat Steadman, I asked him, ‘are you sure you can handle the backlash? You do know what the gay mafia did to poor Brian Carroll, and he’s one of their own.’

Gays y Latinos form alianza

It’s no secret the gays and Latinos have been working closer together for about two years. In its first year, One Colorado signed on as a coalition partner and fought for the Colorado ASSET bill that would have established a new tuition level for children of undocumented immigrants who have graduated from a public high school. They fought for it again this year.

Their songs are our history

Songs like “We Shall Go Forth,” “Never Ever,” and “I Shall Miss Loving You,” were never Top 40 hits. But they weren’t meant to be. They were written and performed to bring comfort to the comfortless, hope to the hopeless, to be a rallying cry for those who needed to yell – but chose to sing, instead.

Community makes history, then and now

As I made my way through the room too small for the crowd the showdown had attracted, I saw the worn but determined faces of several community members – friends and acquaintances not normally engaged in the legislative process.

It took me back to several images I’ve seen from a time long gone by: 1973.

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