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Speak Out: Letters, comments and reactions

RE: FROM THE EDITOR: ‘Life After Youth,’ Jan. 15 // ofcnow.co/1At   Equating youth with value = losing game I’m almost 60 and recently ended a long-term relationship with a 22-year-old. It was a sweet, involved, wonderful partnering. All of this gay age hysteria is just that. If you are genuine, actively curious and engaged […]

Speak Out: Letters, comments and reactions

RE: ‘Speak Out: A trans* woman’s journey transitioning at work’ by Kallie Winners Original article found here. I am proud to say that Miss Kallie Winners is a friend if mine. What she has done for herself, and for the trans* community as a whole should be celebrated. She didn’t just fight for her true […]

Speak Out: Healthcare providers that ‘get it’

By Jeff Lubsen Has your healthcare provider ever assumed you were straight? Have you ever been asked to get an HIV test prior to disclosing your sexual history? Perhaps your psychotherapist couldn’t relate to you after coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning? These are all forms of sexual or gender identity–based microaggressions, […]

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