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Don’t Waste my Time

Dear Brent, I am so sick of all of these websites and smartphone applications that are supposed to help people connect for sex or relationships. I’m tired of wasting my time since I only find people that aren’t looking for real ways to connect. I wasn’t successful before these became popular, and I’m definitely not […]

The (closet) case for Fred Phelps

Speculative fiction Fred Phelps held fast to his cowboy hat, anxiously clutching its tattered brim as he drifted along the darkened corridor. He knew he was dead, of course. He’d been dying of cancer for years, and by the time the fiendish disease had severed the threadbare ties between his living and dying, he was […]

Sex, art and body hair

Josh Olsen is a Denver photographer who explores gay subculture and the unconventional men that he interacts with. Olsen continues to redefine the ideas of masculinity through the creative approach of documentary-style photography. His primary subject is the male form and his technique incorporates light, mood and environment into his photography. He says his focus […]

Ask the Sexpert: What’s the risk for herpes with oral sex?

Dear Shanna, I have recently become sexually active with someone with HSV2 (herpes simplex virus II). My personal safety protocols call for barriers for penetrative sex, but not necessarily oral sex. How do I come to a realistic understanding of the risk of having unprotected oral sex with someone who is HSV2 positive? Would requiring […]

Economical or stylish?

By Jon They’re age-old questions: style or function? Cheap or luxurious? Practical or glamorous? To get to the bottom of this we took a stroll down to the local Toys’R’Us. Toddlers everywhere are trying to decide the right path — is it the one of humble beginnings or the Rockstar life of luxury?  In the […]

Dude, get over it

Dear Bent,   I don’t understand the games that so many gay men seem to play. I want to meet some interesting guys for an occasional date or sex, but it is really difficult. So many of them want to chat endlessly online and if you can actually get them to commit to meeting, most of […]

The March Madness Home Makeover

Spring has sprung! Time to break out the cleaning supplies and chase the winter doldrums right outta that dusty ol’ depression den… but why stop there? We at Out Front want to summon you toward the light Carol Anne with a March Madness Home Makeover, courtesy of Bizarro, Inc. Let’s begin. Pick a magic number […]

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