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Pets can sport sass, too!

Jack is a pug, and the original model for owner Beth Yanda’s Doggie Boob Scarfs. Yanda has been making boob scarves, for women, with her girlfriend for more than four years, and they are now being sold worldwide. One day, Yanda had an extra piece of fabric from cutting one of her sought after scarves, […]

Pet stories: Charlie and Beya

Charlie and Beya were adopted at the Max Fund no-kill shelter in Denver. Owners Travis Leiker and David Proper live with Charlie and Beya in the Cheesman Park neighborhood.  Charlie is a two-year-old Bichon Frise’ and Cocker Spaniel mix.  His nicknames include Poopas, Doggus, and after a bath (when he feels clean and fancy), C. Doggus […]

Sophisticated apparel for your pet

This fun, ultra-girly Pink Tangerine Tutu Dress gift set is made of Michael Miller designer fabrics. The outer shell has a pink and tangerine floral pattern paired with a yellow-orange tutu and yellow satin ribbon to complete the look. The dress is practical and leaves any pooch ready to hit the park, or runway.

Top pooch picks and tips for summer fun

Tip: The scorching temperatures are already weighing down on your pets, so why add to the stress with energy-sapping diets? High glycemic foods such as corn, wheat or potato starch can make your pet feel full and heavy, causing them to be even more lethargic than usual. Stick with foods that contain eggs, quinoa, real […]

The holiday’s must-have gifts for your pet

If you take a walk around Cheesman or Wash park it quickly becomes clear that Denver is dog-crazy. As members of the LGBT community our pets are given the same love and attention as our children. Fido and Fluffy are more like peers than pets and we spoil them with treats, toys, special haircuts and […]

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