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Sex, art and body hair

Josh Olsen is a Denver photographer who explores gay subculture and the unconventional men that he interacts with. Olsen continues to redefine the ideas of masculinity through the creative approach of documentary-style photography. His primary subject is the male form and his technique incorporates light, mood and environment into his photography. He says his focus […]

Ask the Sexpert: What’s the risk for herpes with oral sex?

Dear Shanna, I have recently become sexually active with someone with HSV2 (herpes simplex virus II). My personal safety protocols call for barriers for penetrative sex, but not necessarily oral sex. How do I come to a realistic understanding of the risk of having unprotected oral sex with someone who is HSV2 positive? Would requiring […]

Sexpert: Cacti make for poor choice as sex toys

Dear Shanna, I’m looking for some new toys, but since almost anything can be interesting I’d rather ask what *wouldn’t* work? I am wondering, could you list five or six things I really don’t want to try using as a sex toy and why? Willing to Try Anything, Fort Collins Dear “Willing to Try Anything,” […]

Sexpert: Assuaging anxiety about anal

Dear Shanna, How can I convince my wife that she’ll like anal sex and should try it? We have lube and some good anal sex books, but she still seems skittish. I feel like she’ll love it if she just gives it the old college try. Help! — Anxious for Anal, Broomfield   Dear Anxious […]

Ask the Sexpert: girlfriend’s voyeuristic cat

My girlfriend is obsessed with her cat to the extent that she refused to let me lock her furry friend out of the bedroom while we are going to get down and dirty. This really creeps me out; it’s like the cat is watching us, waiting till we’re done to come and cuddle. I know she’s really connected with her pet, so I’m not sure how to bring it up. Ideas?

The tomboy who was

Overcome with love in this daydream of mine, she’d throw her arms around my neck, legs bending at the knees as I lifted her triumphantly into the air, and declare her love for me, too. Cheesy, I know, but not to her. In my dreams, I won her heart with Hollywood romance — and extra dessert.

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