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Cycle Sluts: Life is Fabulous

Dear Cycle Sluts,

I have been a fan for years. I love your makeup, hair, outfits and you’re so funny. I would love to work with you but I don’t think I have the funny bone like you do.  What can I do to work with you guys and what is it like to be you?

A thick pillow and earplugs!

Dear Cycle Sluts,

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our first month anniversary together. Because of me being ‘over-endowed,’ I’ve not been able to satisfy him anally. Any suggestions to prepare him for my big anniversary package?

Won over by Jezebel’s southern charm

Although I grew up in the countryside, surrounded by horses and pickup trucks, the only thing southern about me is that I often go by my two first names: Amy Lynn. For this Yankee – native Ny’er to be exact – the south is reserved for a host of stereotypes and grandma’s very pink Florida retirement home. We’re raised in the northeast to believe venturing below the Mason-Dixon Line requires improper grammar, summer teeth (some are here, some are there) and some scary weapon in the front pouch of ratty overalls.

Cycle Sluts: It’s not a tootsie pop!

Dear Cycle Sluts,

I have been with this guy for two months now, my first-ever boyfriend, and I’m totally in love with him. Everything is perfect, he seems to be the love of my life, but I’m still having a hard time when it comes to sex. I love him a lot but still find it hard to go down on him. What is wrong with me? Help me please!

– Down and Out

ASK A SLUT: The holiday edition

Dear Cycle Sluts, What was your favorite gift as a child? Signed, “Candy or Coal” Sassy Squatch: It’s the same now as it was when I was a child, the anticipation of seeing a great big package gets me excited! Once it’s unwrapped if I’m disappointed I just turn it over and play with the […]

Cycle Sluts: If you can’t beat em…

Dear Denver Cycle Sluts,

My partner has a great body and when he is home he prefers to be completely naked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about that! My problem is now that it’s getting colder outside he keeps the house so hot to stay warm that it’s like an oven. It’s so uncomfortable! What should I do?

– Hot Flasherd

X-bar’s facelift

X Bar, a Denver gay bar on East Colfax, has recently made some changes. Not to worry – the shirtless bartenders are still there ready to throw you a $5 vodka lemonade, but now the entire bar has been spruced up to make the spot more welcoming.

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