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Stuff Gay People Like: Being attracted to douchebags

When it comes to purely sexual attractions, we toss these desirable qualities in a long-term mate and idealize, instead, a different kind of stereotype: A bro.

No matter where we’re from we’re all familiar with this man – a cocky, athletic, beer-guzzling former frat boy with washboard abs and a questionable or nonexistent political worldview.

Stuff Gay People Like: Stories about insecure women

Deep inside every gay man is a starry-eyed young girl, obsessing over whether she is fat. In 2010, dating site OK Cupid took a snapshot of its users, gay and straight. The top interests that gay guys had but straight guys didn’t have were: The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Project […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Being contrarian

To a gay person, groups of people in complete agreement are scary. It’s what happens in a totalitarian state, a Catholic school, church, or worst of all, the suburbs. Since those places are all horrible, a gay person is committed to constantly come up with ways his opinions and political views are different from everybody […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Starting blogs

We’ve long argued gay people are on the forefronts of art, technology, and hot trends. Additionally, gay people are really good at talking openly about shit that should be private, mainly because the world itself is obsessed with talking openly about gay peoples’ private shit. All these roads lead to one fact: a blog is […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Miniature things

Gay people are both trendsetters and trendy. We love what’s in demand, and anything else we love will soon be demanded. Examples: social networking, dance remixes and oral sex. Most people are pretty grateful to gays for popularizing those things, but leading pop culture is not always a blessing; there is a lot of stuff […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Reality TV

For most Americans, reality TV is junk food. Stations love it because there’s no need to hire expensive actors and writers, so it’s really cheap to produce. Viewers love it because watching everyday people humiliate themselves before a national audience makes them feel better about their own problems, and it lets them fantasize that they, […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Depressing movies

Gay people don’t like to be the center of cheesy stories. They’re OK with watching sappy romantic comedies in which a low-profile character is “the gay friend,” included in the film as a side-note by writers hoping to give a friendly holla to the costume department. But when gay people are the center of their […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Science Fiction

Gay men consider themselves over the hill at 30, and social upheaval is much less fun to witness when you’re only a couple years from cashing out your 401K. We need to make the future happen now, while we’re still athletic and good-looking.

Science fiction is as close as we can get.

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