[ Nuclia Waste: Radioactive Vision ]

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Danger: Pot holes ahead

As the haze of new sativa sales’ smoke clears before our Colorado eyes, I see before us two roads, much like the poet Robert Frost. Our Rocky Mountain roads are “grassy and wanting wear” and filled with holes, pot holes. We must adjust to our new life — a life filled with a now-legal substance […]

‘Breakfast of Champions’

The other evening my friend Rob, hunky UPS truck driver, made an unplanned delivery. As he was leaving a party in Capitol Hill, a woman jumped into the passenger seat of Rob’s car and asked if he would give her a ride. Rob, a little flabbergasted by the assertiveness of her request and the fact […]

Gay is the New Boring

Gay used to be so exciting. We were all double agents, secretly flaunting our fabulous gay lives by night and covering up with our Clark Kent and Lois Lane suits by day.

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