Ask the Sexpert: E–jill–ulation explained

Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS
September 16, 2013 | 11:40 am
(Updated: September 16, 2013 | 2:39 pm)

Dear Shanna –

I have lots of questions about female ejaculation. Is it urine? Can all women do it? Does it always happen with an orgasm or can it be separate? Does it have something to do with the G-spot?

A Ridiculous Number of People from Around the Denver


Dear folks who want to know more about women and ejaculation –

In the past month I’ve received not one, not a few, but over a dozen questions on the concept of “female ejaculation,” or ejaculation from bodies that don’t have penises. I’ll address them all at once.

So — is it urine? Nope! While ejaculatory fluid from females and those assigned female at birth, or FAAB, does exit through the urethra, it doesn’t originate in the bladder, but from something called the Skene’s gland. It can be just a few drops, a tablespoon or two, or even upwards of half a cup. The amount varies person-to-person, independent from level of arousal.

Can everyone with a vagina and a Skene’s gland ejaculate? In theory, yes, they have the parts. Theoretically everyone with two legs has the parts to do a triple axel or compete in a triathlon, yet many people cannot or do not. Many people can ejaculate with practice, but many cannot, despite having satisfying sex lives. Rather than making it your goal, consider putting it on the wish list and enjoy the journey.

Is ejaculation in female of FAAB bodies connected to an orgasm? It can be, but not always. Some people orgasm without ejaculating, and some can ejaculate without an orgasm. (A side note: The same goes for males and males assigned at birth — orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things, but we tend to socialize teenage boys to make them happen at the same time.)

Is G-spot stimulation involved? Remembering that not everyone ejaculates or ejaculates every time, internal stimulation, particularly of the G-spot area, is important. Some can ejaculate without any type of internal stimulation, but the majority find that vaginal penetration, especially around the G-spot (at the top wall of the vagina under the belly button) is what facilitates it.

I hope this answered many of your questions, and that you enjoy your G-spot spelunking!



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