Hackcock tried to protect private parts privacy, 7News reports

June 10, 2011 | 11:18 am

Mayor-elect Michael Hancock and his lawyer tried to suppress evidence that never existed linking him to an escort service.


According to 7News, prior to winning the mayoral run-off election against former state Sen. Chris Romer, Hancock’s lawyer asked the Denver Police Department to release any evidence linking Hancock to the high-profile escort service The Denver Players. In the same letter, his lawyer asked the same information not be released to any media outlets as it would violate Hackcock’s private parts privacy.


Hancock’s attorney, Bruce James, requested on June 3 that the police give him any evidence of Hancock at the escort service at 1675 Fillmore St., and on June 6 he asked that if any information is found about Hancock at other locations for the escort service that it be withheld from media, citing Hancock’s privacy.


Meanwhile, Complete Colorado broke news that Hancock’s name had appeared on a call sheet stolen from the ringleader of the Denver Players.


Hancock said the documents with his personal cell phone number appearing on the call sheets and a note explaining he works for the city are falsified and that he’s never engaged with the Denver Players or any other escort service.


Team Hancock told 7News they were over-reaching and that their assessment of the facts was off base.


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