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Screen Queen: Not to miss hot Blu-ray and DVD releases

By Chris Azzopardi The Perks of Being a Wallflower First-time director Stephen Chbosky sensitively explores high school self-discovery and outsider hardships in his big-hearted teen drama about the pains of youth and the people who help us through them. Based on Chbosky’s semi-autobiographical book, Charlie (Logan Lerman) is a troubled loner who sits by himself […]

The (Bi) girl with the dragon tattoo, and why it doesn’t matter

By Chris Azzopardi Tattooed and pierced, dressed in full black and the very type of social recluse who’s as mysterious as her body art, Lisbeth Salander is the quintessential outsider. She’s also sexually ambidextrous, something seldom portrayed in a movie as mainstream as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Bisexuality, for once, is no big […]

The spectrum of sexuality

I am a lesbian. For those that know me you’re probably thinking, “Duh, we know!”  However, my sexual orientation has been called into question on more than one occasion during my lifetime. Most recently, I was asked twice in one night, while standing in a gay bar, if I was, in fact, a lesbian. I […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Frequently-Asked Questions

I’ve gone over the basis of what Stuff Gay People Like – and answer some questions you may have about it – in about in a previous entry, about this blog. But I still get a lot of questions and concerns about what I’m doing here, and I’ll try to answer as best I can. […]

Stuff Gay People Like: Telling you they’re bisexual

A gay man is never satisfied with his attractiveness. He always needs to lose a little body fat, pluck his eyebrows, take his profile photos from juuuuuuust the right angle and put a little more goo in his hair. Most other gay men are turned on by masculinity, so one of the ways that a […]

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